I opened a stall , a stall is the first local way to introduce my creative handmade teddy bear brand. I remember that the first stall, I didn’t have enough time to make enough ready made teddy bears. So, I cut out the pieces of materials and sewed it together and put it in a package, making it easier for the person as it will take a shorter time doing the bear. I will always explain or demonstrate when a person purchase the package of materials of the teddy bear.



In these few years, I was so happy because I knew the customer’s identity, met a lot of like-minded people that became my friends and also chat with a few guests that also became my good friends. What touched me the was when one of my customers shared the story of my work to his daughter. When his daughter was a baby till now, she just turned 6 years old. She is always seen holding one of my handmade teddy bears.



The Bear & I

I grew up in a small fishing village of Batu Kawan. During my childhood, I loved doing handicrafts.  I often go out of the house to dig and get nature clay to shape dolls and also go to the seashore to collect different types of shell to create animal models.  A couple of years later, I grew up. I love buying books that were related to handicrafts.



I would do the follow the instructions written in the book and do it accordingly until I gradually invented a variety of my own creation. Changes in meaning. To create something, it takes time to be built up. Actually, I am a Graphic Designer.  Handmade teddy bears was just one of my hobbies during my spare time. But this hobby of mine could create a chance for me to make a fortune. In the year 2006,






I found out the process of making teddy bears and also found some information from the internet and through books.  After that, I began to have an interest in the production of making a teddy bear. Alone with the teddy bear frenzy and obsession, through the pages of reference books and materials, I finally created my own brand called “ Helen’s Handmade Bear “ meaning that the bears are all handmade.In the year 2012 till 2016, representing the own brand in Malaysia,


 Penang exhibits a yearly bear exhibition and the handmade bears sold proceed of the sales toward to the Penang Child Protection Center and also to the Penang Breast Cancer Society to help even more people. My own hobby of making teddy bears received so much good feedback . Isn’t it the most wonderful thing? At the beginning, my handmade teddy bears would be place at my a friend’s florist shop, a handmade shop and a gift shop to be sold. Slowly,

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親手縫製, 愛心泰迪熊送情人

Giving a sentimental handmade Bear will reflects your dedications and affections to a special person.